Doocrate helps communities make shit happen collaboratively.

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Now it's easy to come together

A new way to organize  your

Collaborative task list

Watch the task list come alive by your community.


No managers and no leaders. Every member has the freedom to co-create.


Discussions are automatically documented and are available to everyone

DON'T forget

Keep track of you responsibilities

See your tasks - the ones you are responsible for and the ones you have created, all in one place.

influence the community

Join the discussion

Participate in conversations about the subjects that are important to you, all the comments are documented and transparent for the community to read through.  

the search is over

Find what you are looking for

Search and filter through the collaborative data using tags, categories or free text to find projects that inspire you, or task owners you want to contact.

get curious

See what happens in the project

Explore the activity under a specific subject or tag. Get inspired and even find new tasks and take more responsibilities.

Join our growing community

Co-creational events


Community members




Collaborative tasks created

get involved

Join us in creating Doocrate

Doocrate itself is a co-creational decentralized open source app. Join our Github and developer community, and help dream, design and program the next features of Doocrate.

Cooming soon

See who you are connected to

Move through a mindmap of all the people you are connected to through the tasks you choose and visualize the sub-community you directly collaborate with

I bless the people that created this platform for bringing this phylosophy and concept into my community


Burnerot 2018

It is an incredible community experiment and I am very thrilled to be apart of it



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