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Why Doocrate

Event managment

Track your community tasks in a single place


Unleash your community creativity by allowing them to choose roles and tasks for themself and execute them.

Open source

Doocrate is open source. We welcome contributions and supported by the community.

Doocrate Features

Or how we co-manage our communities

Tasks - Flattened Categorize your task and then see all of them on a single page

Take responsibility for any task, All tasks are open for users to grab. Whenever a hero is taken responsibility the task is all hers.

Search by labels Filter tasks by labels


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Here are what others have to say about doocrate

Doocrate allowed our community to get transperency into the work
Or Granot
Community Leader
Doocrate has sparked a new spirit in our community
Amir Shalem
Community Leader
Doocrate allowed us to co-create in a flat non-heirecial way
Gal Bracha
Open source developer